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Scottish clans@race.

Watson is the name scots-Irish is the claim!(Glenn is my first name,and I am in the processes of finding my race of decent via surname.(under-standable?.Well,I hope so.Anyway,the way I understand THE CLAN SYSTEM of scotland.correct me if I am mistaken,surnames connect or steer one in that clan connection.If you share the same surname with a clan name you should be able to claim.But are you of the same race?This is my quest.What I am doing is tracing (trying to)my forefathers places of birth.And if sucsesfull,should give me a good start.But as of now,,,still up up for grabs.Well wish me luck all you clanmen and women.Take care all@God Bless.Glenn clan Watson.

Glenn Mac Wat.,Mac Uaid
August 16, 2017 09:35AM

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