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Madden family

Hello fellow Maddens!

I am writing to inquire about a few things I've gleaned from researching my part of the family tree. What I know of mine and where the Madden name comes in is as follows in reverse order, starting with myself:

Me: Natasha Polak (nee Kohlhoff)
My Mother: Collette (nee Robson)
My Grandpa: Vernon Robson
My Great-Grandma, Vernon's Mother: Edna (nee Madden)
Edna's parents were: Charles Ernest Madden and Agnes Matthews. She had one sister, Doris Hosmer (who married two brothers). Upon Charles' untimely train death, Agnes remarried to Michael Garratty.

Beyond this, I was recently able to find parents for Charles as being Charles and Catherine, but that's about it. What I do know is that Charles Ernest and subsequent generations were all located in Madras/Chennai in the Vepery area, or thereabouts. I was born and raised in the U.S., and my grandparents and great-grandparents are long gone. We have no knowledge of where that part of the family tree first came to India, and if they migrated from Ireland or Scotland, as we'd always known much of my maternal side as being Scottish, not Irish, as with the Robson name.

Adding to all of this is that I recently did a DNA test for ancestry purposes and was given lots of names of possible distant cousins based on some shared DNA strands - one of them was a Madden. So far, I can't find where we could be related, but it seems as if that family's problem is similar to mine in that records are nowhere to be found past a certain point. In their case, they had a convict who first came to Australia from either England or Ireland. I saw from a previous post on here that there is a Bernard Madden, but this family with whom I've been corresponding says their ancestor who was a convict was named John Madden. I tracked some info on John's convict records, to find that he traveled aboard the Marquis of Wellington in 1814, and arrived at his destination in Australia in 1815, to serve out his 7 year sentence for sheep-stealing.

what we'd very much like to know is if we can figure out if this fellow John has any other familial leads for us to go off of, and if he is related to my tree through perhaps a brother, uncle, or cousin? He may have been previously married, but they don't know. My shared DNA portion with these people is extremely small, probably even more so because of my being female and so many generations removed. According to my contact, John married someone named Margaret, and it is unclear whether her surname was Walters or Watters/Waters once he was released, as only after that do they know the rest of their family's ancestry to present-day - all in Australia.

Please let me know if any of this might sound familiar to someone and can respond! Thanks!

Natasha Polak

Natasha Polak
June 25, 2017 10:45AM

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