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Clan Nikki (1)
Gaelic Name Nikki (1)
Gaelic translation William Foster (1)
Looking for my family tartan Zayne Mcgaha (1)
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Madden Search Kevin Whelan (1)
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Surname questions Jeremy Ray (1)
Scottish clans@race. Glenn Mac Wat.,Mac Uaid (1)
Madden family Natasha Polak (1)
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madden informaton diane madden cresson (1)
My name in irish gaelic Anthea (1)
McLoughlin surname Saerbhreathach (3)
Éilé Donna (1)
Seeking ancestors, what else? James Coyle (2)
Brandy - Madden Family Jan Perry (2)
Name in old scottish Alfred Curtis ball III (1)
Irish wild geese Brenda roach (1)
Irish ancestors Chris Hughes (1)
Ancestors B & L Madden (1)
Madden Madden (1)
William and Charlotte Madden Gaynor ( Madden) Bishop (1)
Jim Ray LaDonna Cook (1)
McCann emigrants to Virginia John Sanders (2)
Coyle Family Letterkenny Patrick (1)
Alice (McCabe) Collins Jennifer Nolan (1)
John coyle Coyle (1)
Translate my name to Gaelige? KJ (5)
whats my gaelic name Anita Hannifin (1)
Translate name to gaelic Scarlett (1)
Coyle from Northern Ireland to Australia Rachael (1)
Daniel Madden 1885 Mandy (1)
trace grandmother Darby (1)
request to delete personal data tristram trevelyan-St george (1)
Is Lenyn a gaelic name related to Linnane? Deline (1)
Origin of name Mark (1)
My name in Irish Michele Dupre (1)
Translation of name Anita (2)
Coyle family name Barbara (3)
What Scottish Clan do I belong to Trish (3)
Trainor belongs to which clan Rob (2)
surname daniel (1)
Spell some names in Gaelic Jared (1)
Earl of Kingston Trevelyan-St George Official Website Enfis Davies (1)
Moore Surname LM (1)
Maddens of Kilbeggan Polkadotswa (1)
Bustos Julia (1)
my name in irish selina (2)
Are we Scotch? Kevintravels (1)
McCabe family of watchmakers Mirtaria (1)
Name translation Drifter (2)
Gaelic Chloe (1)
Crean Dan (1)
Counies of origin Threinfir (2)
Irish Tranlation Louise (2)
irish translation betty smith (1)
Madden surname Jay madden (1)
Looking for name from wexford Tallman or talman (1)
My characters name in the gaelige spelling Author (1)
what irish clan do the Dorrough family come from haley dorrough (2)
am i irish, if so where from and what clan? shane patterson (4)
is there a clan dooley donna (2)
irish surname spelling ANNE (2)
Scottish Gaelic translation Linda (4)
Irish surname Cathleen (4)
translate to irish robyn bradley (4)
Clans Tom McPeek (3)
Clan names TREVOR (2)
Felix McCabe Patrick (1)
Hugh and Felix McCabe Patrick (1)
scots gaelic weeblone (2)
grandfathers history Fae Madden (1)
What it means in Irish Olivia (2)
May in Irish? May (2)
What is my name in Gaelic? Collins (8)
I would love to have my name translated to Gaelic Dennis McGowen (6)
please translate to irish Cole Quigley (3)
Irish translation Fielding (3)
Meaning of the name Peter (2)
owen mccabe lonewolf (1)
am i cool or awsome bunny (1)
am i canadean cat (1)
visiting from NY on 4-30 need help Erin Hughes (1)
Leonard George Madden Tracey (1)
Patrick Madden birth place Larry Madden (1)
coyle, county Armagh becky coyle weber (1)
Name translation Mrsc1 (3)
Irish lauren (3)
translation keith (1)
Madden Surname John Barry (1)
Langues Steven (1)
Daniel Madden (Maddens in England) Grace Madden (1)
Mansfield Simon (1)
translation Joseph Kelly (2)
My name Mina Nichols (1)
how to write my name in scottish Hunter Weatherford (2)
h gareth conroy (2)
Is Porter an Irish name? Porter (1)
genealogy Thomas leander Ray Sr (2)
Matthew A McCabe Janie (1)
trynor jessica (1)
Surname is prominete where in Ireland Ferrell (1)
Family Tartan Donna (1)
Finding family Diane Coyle (1)
Irish book of Ancestry Natalie (1)
Origin of name Enwright (4)
Coyle family Bluehawk (1)
The Trevelyan-St.George family Lydia Trevelyan-St. George (19)
Surname help Robt (2)
Monaghan to central Illinois James McCabe (1)
anyone wexford Sinnott (1)
How to spell a name in Scottish Gaelic Daniel Morgan (3)
Name Translation Louise (3)
Clan Name and Heritage Sean Ennist (4)
Looking for Killybegs, Donegal family, Carr Carr (1)
cur gaeilge ar Bright (4)
What is my name in Irish or Gaelic Alan Thompson (10)
Cronogue Surname Origin?? Shane Cronogue (3)
Name Mark Mackey (2)
my name in irish Sinead Scanlon (6)
Madden Jude (1)
Mary Madden Jude (1)
translate Mackie to gaelic and show origins sally (2)
Translate to Gaelic Patsy (3)
Name and pronunciation into Gaelic Deena Rose (1)
Translate my Name Mary (1)
FREE surname database Baz (6)
origin of my Surname Pete (2)
last name benny (2)
last name benny (1)
translation of surname to irish colm mccavigan (4)
THe Database McQueen (3)
mcloughlin tartan mcloughlin (2)
Irish Surname Translation Saoirse Glynn (3)
what is my name in irish sarah cummins (4)
hickey family christine (1)
Compton Patricia (2)
Family ancestors in Laurencetown Donna Rice (1)
question for a name Vickie (4)
Name translation Cathal Moley (2)
meaning of name query dorothy (1)
Korean Kiah (1)
translation to gaelic sweeney (4)
McCabes from Magheracloone James McCabe (1)
What Clan does name belong to Holly (3)
scottish Gaelic translation gillian (2)
mccabe lonewolf (1)
McCabe lonewolf (1)
Gaelic Translation Jennifer (3)
Translation of name Jane (2)
Irish ChloChloeRoot9262002 (2)
English to Irish Gaelic surname translation mike (5)
family history James Mccabe (1)
family history James Mccabe (2)
irish spelling father (4)
Patterson from Donegal Twila (1)
surname Terry Anissa (2)
Surname Stevens is Gaelic Sharon Stevens Murray (3)
name in irish/gaelic Gemma (4)
what is my last name in irish (gaeilge)? timbocarlow (3)
meaning? Sakowski (1)
Name translation martin (2)
Our great grandfather Doris Manues (1)
spelling in Gaelic of Mitchell male form Brian Robertson (2)
translate McMullen to gaelic kate (3)
Translation to Irish McLaughlin (2)
Surname origin Nancy (1)
what is irish version of the name andrew andrew (2)
My Irish Surname Michael Wayne (4)
Translation Kelly (6)
im looking for My name in Irish and also my clan Christopher hill (3)
name in Irish Saylor/Sailor (1)
What is my full name in irish ? Mark (3)
Surname knee Linda (2)
name translation judith (2)
Is "McLain" still there Stephen mccabe (1)
Clan and name Samantha Burke (3)
what dose my name mean Nancy (1)
Translate to Irish Chris Harrington (2)
ubuNTSHIZA mapitsha (1)
Clan McCabe Society Jim (2)
Translate name Thomas Feeney (2)
translate Liz Mowlds (2)
Dare Dare (2)
Translation of my name to Irish Brian Geary (2)
Family surname of Johnson Becky Henderson (1)
What is my surname in Irish? Sean (4)
Translate 2names into Irish Anna (1)
Origin of Surname Ryan Crerand (11)
Seaching For an Old Friend. Bernadette Wade (1)
Irish translation of name Bronsky (2)
My name in Irish Veronica Mendoza Aguiar (2)
Murray Alan (3)
vanessa vanessa (1)
what does the name andrew mean abbey (4)
Surname McCrimmon (3)
tully clan? jake Tullos (2)
translation "Chuck" (2)
translation sorcha o c (2)
last name joshua calloway (3)
Alexander-Ray mark (1)
I'm Irish, but what clan am I desended from or affiliated with O'Laighin (10)
name carol (3)
irish translation wayne hamilton (5)
whats my name translated into irish? nicolas wayne powell (8)
Irish Translation of my name Ciara McLoughlin (5)
names translation Michael Murphy (5)
Pidgeon Dave (2)
what clan or sept do we belong m rafferty (4)
surname claire jenkinson (2)
Origin Of Surname Anita (3)
renseignement Monier alain (1)
Translate to scottish gaelic Morag (1)
my name in gaelic samantha (3)
Irish name Ivy (1)
Looking for Wade ancestry Lorrie (2)
What my name mean in cherokee Teresa (8)
Name Kimii charchanko (1)
Name Teresa (1)
Ford Family Tree Tasmania max (3)
what does my name mean? Shanavia (3)
maiden name in Gaelic Rhonda Needs (2)
Correct Pronunciation Carroll (1)
Ridout / Donovan/ McGaughey Louise (1)
what is our Irish name Myrrh (2)
Free, Personalized Irish Clan Certificate GreatIrishClans (3)
Please translate my name LJC (1)
I'm irish, but what clan do I decend from? Jessica (5)
hi i want to get magee in gaelic and seanchlo font shaem (2)
Sir Francis Bryan relatives Janie (1)
Welsh Aristocracy Patrick Down (2)
Welsh branch of Earl Kingston Patrick Down (1)
Earls of Kingston Welsh Branch Alister Kingston Patrick Down (5)
Earls of Kingston ; Viscount Kingsborough Patrick Down (2)
Translation of both names in Irish Sue (2)
mc cabe matti (1)
Surname translation? Keating (2)
Surname spelling Dan (2)
black Irish names Stephen Sheren (4)
Surname in Irish Sarah Kenneally (3)
Last Name Batia (2)
tatoo Anderson (2)
Irish Surname circa 1860 Jill (2)
Gaelic name Harry Graham (2)
Translation/definition Sheri (1)
irish name Aoife gillen (3)
Is the surname Nelson/Neilson irish? JNelson (2)
People in the Kyne Family(Genealogy) Shawn N. Kyne (1)
last name: Kirtley TK (2)
translate into Irish lorraine (2)
name origin the celtic warrior (4)
Irish surname Rebecca (4)
Last Name Origin Angela (3)
Can you ride a bicycles for long distances and why PhilIp (1)
Irish Names Jade Russell (3)
More West Cork Connolly's than a needle in a hay stack... Ann Forster (1)
my name in irish gaelic ?? Terence McGowan (3)
McPeck Johnnymfromny (2)
whats my name in irish Ryan Florida-James (3)
Royce/Royse Carolyn Royce (2)
translate name marsha (3)
looking for Way family history Genevieve Way (3)
Location of historic family Sloane (2)
translation Name in Irish (5)
Trophy Hi (1)
is livingston an irish name? livingston (3)
Family Name Gowin (3)
what does my full name mean? Kelly Jean McClellan (4)
gaelic spelling Christopher Lee Sauer (1)
looking for family christopher fimber coffey (1)
What's my name in irish Kellie (11)
need a translation into Gaelic Kiley (10)
what is your name sethany (1)
what dose my name mean? katherine (2)
name pearce Hanley (2)
my name Kerri (2)
james otis (1)
Origin of surname Katie McKee (3)
Mike Madden Julie (3)
Millionaires Lee (2)
my name in scottish gealic john hendrickson (2)
names kaylee (1)
surname Jen (2)
John Ford John Ford (2)
surname jackie (1)
Scotch-Irish C. Skinner (5)
Scotch-Irish Skinner (1)
great grandfather gaynor (1)
Translating my name into Gaelic Michaella (4)
wut does my full name mean mercedes torie shane vasquez (1)
male roche (1)
What is the mottofor the McGuinnes surname Phil McGuinness (2)
my name Lorena (1)
Name Meaning (Declan) Declan (2)
Irish Gaelic Spelling of my name Kelly Jean McClellan (31)
Origins Bob Cluckey (2)
Names Tom (1)
Immigrated to US in 1891 Ed Harris (1)
Where in Ireland can this surname be found? Ed (3)
Name Chelsea Carroll (2)
i need this for a gaeltacht Andrew Guckian (2)
immigrated aprox. 1835 Andrew and Catherine McCabe McGivney (1)
what my name in irish Sinéad Harford (3)
meaning of my name Derrick Lamar Thomas (1)
irish translation Shaun Francis Peter Wade (4)
my name brittanie (3)
translation to Irish charmaine (3)
trace a relative ferris cauley (2)
Name in Irish Mick (5)
translation sandy (1)
THe Gealic Translation for Watson and Larmour Joe (4)
what's my name in gaelic toni (3)
irish language wwegirl (1)
gaelic/celtic pronunciation brannigan (2)
my name in irish ciara brady (6)
What does my name mean? Meg (4)
What does my name mean? Meg (1)
what is my spanish name? kaylee (1)
Spelling of ancestral name Foy? Clive (2)
scotch or irish McMicken (4)
translation ciaran g (2)
name ben mc donald (2)
Name Bronagh (2)
trace a relative amanda weeden (1)
what dose my name mean!!!! kaylee (4)
Gaelic spelling of name Diana (4)
what does my name mean josie (1)
translate my kids and husbands names into Irish for my tattoo Amber (3)
my name in scot-irish marie (2)
reply to Jackie Donna (1)
Whats Nutley as Gaeilge Nut1 (3)
. emma (1)
Name Sooty (2)
what does my name mean dervla johnston (2)
my gaelic name kevin hendrie (3)
name indya (1)
Where in Ireland can this surname be found? Barragrey (3)
translation Ged (3)
trusdale or other spellings me (2)
my name in celtic elizabeth (11)
How to Translate English into Persian Fahad (3)
Tartan Jim Scott (3)
family tartan graig (3)
Are you Irish, Scottish or Scots-Irish?? Scots-Irish (3)
what is my spanish name KayLee (7)
name translation kerry (3)
my name haybay (1)
whats my name in irish ryan long (7)
Where am I from? Jordan (2)
ask sam (2)
whats my name claudia (2)
tell me my name cammy (1)
name Xavier (2)
name translated Joleen (2)
name translated Marvel (2)
translated my name in spanish tiffany (1)
translation Bobbie Ovington (2)
translate and meaning Connor Grogan (2)
meaning Indupriya (1)
Name help Tesa (1)
Tracing family roots Don Mulryan (1)
irish name Nychelle (1)
what is my name in irish ? Naomi Kelly (9)
Irish translation Damien Boswell (3)
My name in Irish Willa Hunter (3)
name Meggy (1)
my name in irish ? mark (2)
whats my name in irish kelli (4)
name november (1)
hey shell (2)
French Selena Gomez (2)
French Miley Cyrus (2)
irish raymond (6)
Name translation gough (3)
Genealogy Ed (2)
Corry - MacNamara from Clare Marcelo Jovanovich (1)
Killian - Keena from Westmeath Marcelo Jovanovich (1)
what does my name mean momo (3)
How is my surname spelt in irish SP9317 (5)
name jui de vinci gomez (2)
urdu Maliha Nasir (3)
What does my surname mean Lauren Dooley (8)
what are we terry (3)
names stef (2)
Would like this name translated Modrid (5)
Trying to figure out my grandmother's middle name Michelle (1)
translation and family history Burly (4)
Curtin Surname Gathering Danny Curtin (1)
Curtin Surname Gathering Danny Curtin (1)
Irish translation tracey (4)
names brittany (2)
whats my name in irish gannon (5)
translate emmett young (2)
class casper (1)
how is my full name spelled in irish? emma mcgregor (6)
scots-irish descent j daniel (2)
what does my surname mean joe (6)
Will you translate my name please? Ryan Keane (8)
please translate barry (7)
name dakota (2)
an English an English surname for Irish immigrants? Tom Raywood (1)
Irish translation Polly cox (9)
what does my name mean? Kerry Gallagher (7)
Translate my name into gaelic Kerry Gallagher (9)
What would my name be in Irish? Cait Donnelly (10)
mcculty chris (2)
Does my new surname translate to irish Louise coogan (11)
Translate my name Jamie (10)
Surname Michael Wayne (2)
what does my last name geary mean geary (2)
what does my name mean Gould (3)
Translate my Name Gaz (23)
name translation Janet (3)
What does my name mean? Hannah (4)
my name in Irish carly justin (7)
My name in irish Jed Shevlin (11)
Translation William Farrell (3)
tongue sticking out smiley Ceire (2)
tongue sticking out smiley Mopples (2)
Clan McGlynn (3)
Scottish Gaelic Angus (1)
irish name history lyons (2)
tracing family Sparrow (2)
Madden in Ireland Jim Fredericks (3)
Name meaning Rena Renee Tyler (3)
childrens names Jackie (1)
my name kevin liney (3)
Gaelic translation Brett Jones (4)
Name Emma Gray (3)
family crest and origin simone (5)
Irish Mccarthy (1)
Question Les (1)
where does my come from Ó Fiaich (3)
translation? Gill (6)
does this name translate in Gaelic? Thaire (1)
mccabe family annsisters (1)
rebecca translation cristiona (3)
help with baby name cristiona (3)
tranlate my name coco (2)
tranlate my name coco (2)
family name Mom2 (2)
Correct Irish Spelling James Lloyd Gallagher (6)
Translate my name Hailey (1)
male scott (2)
irish name kyle (5)
Is Kearns Irish, Scottish or Scotch-Irish Dan Davis (4)
scottish gaelic translation paul ashford (4)
Surname enquiry Rosie (3)
translation clare (2)
translation aine marie bailey (3)
meaning of names bambi (3)
wat mii name means kiki (1)
translate surname into gealic emma (3)
Bradley Che (5)
wat clan am i tony (4)
name connor noble (2)
my name in gaelic Gerard (9)
Translate my name Someone (5)
spelling mary (3)
name translated Teamhair Ni Charrun (2)
Professional Irish Genealogist Available Joe Buggy (1)
surname matthew crerand (8)
meaning Wright (2)
Seán or Eoin?? Confused (6)
clans sham_rocks (2)
translate my name into irish sarahjane smylie (34)
Name in Irish Fergus James Ryan O'Connor (5)
geneaology quinn (1)
what does my name mean tyla (1)
what dose my name mean ? Gráinne Nic a Ghobhainn (3)
Princess Dianne James Roach (1)
irish names i (3)
McCabes in Southeast Michigan Patrick (1)
McCabes in Michigan Patrick (1)
Longs of Cty. Cork Erin (1)
what do`s my name mean in irish cosgrave (3)
clan marilyn (3)
my name cydney (1)
meaning of Keown Ginger Keown (3)
Name seanin Hughes (5)
Translation Gunning (3)
Celtic Family Maps Barry (3)
Last name of: bizzdeh (1)
what is the last irish and what clan does it come from? sami (2)
Dollard Family Tipper47 (1)
nothing Yasmin Fay (1)
Surname in Irish SQL (5)
what does my name mean in irish? Leviticus (9)
Clan McLean Kythra (3)
English Name to Irish Anne (6)
moynihan origins ross (1)
Name in Irish or gaelic PLEASE!!! SQL (4)
heritage A. Colleen McKinney (3)
Peter T. Mccabe Alissa (2)
Transfixed but not dead Daniel (1)
Conway in Irish? michael (2)
Irish name SQL (2)
Irish Name Shauna Mc Guinness (4)
is moah an irish surname?? Mel (1)
My name in Irish Seán Quinn Liddell (5)
re my name in irish james (6)
second name eadi (3)
just to know shanavia (1)
what does my name mean shaday (3)
surname sue (3)
Convert English to Gaelic translation to Gaelic (17)
translation Michael (2)
Haynie Clans Kenneth Haynie (2)
name kohneshia (1)
Database of Irish surname crests Joje (4)
gaelic translation, using seanchlo font Bonnie (9)
translation Daisy (3)
looking for SISK heraldry or coat of arms or family crest!!! keith (2)
can someone help me translate my name spanish? jeena sara gigi (2)
Translation Kate O'Sullivan (4)
translation of my name alicia quigley (7)
mateer k mateer (2)
What does my name mean? Josie (3)
Meaning of Names LTC (2)
surname/clan Tope (5)
names want to know (2)
my name -rizzo (2)
Priestley Priestley (1)
irish spelling of christy yvonne (3)
Names punkinface (3)
looking for info re: Gorey clan Tony (2)
whats carly as gaeilge? carly mc sweeney (2)
where deous De Long come from courtnie (2)
Clan Name McCarney (2)
Murray Murray (2)
Murray is Scotch Murray (6)
last name is meek an irish last name (4)
origin keeshla (1)
origin keeshla (1)
Surname translation Andrej Šuc (3)
names aoife (3)
what does my surname mean weaver (23)
Transation Winchester (1)
Surname Marney (2)
emmegrated to US in late 1800's O'Shaughnessy (2)
my name shyann (1)
what dose my name mean in italyan elleshia browing (1)
Translation help! Eadbhárd (3)
Translaste my name Thomas Lee Lavery (12)
Surname Translation Noel Rubotham (2)
Surname Orgin Michell McChester (2)
Translation Abram (3)
Im part irish and wanted to know what my name is in irish frank durham (7)
clark donnie clark (2)
my irish name Daniel (5)
i am jordanian and syrian i want to kno wat my name means! leena abdalla mohammad ali ahmed batt (1)
i am jordanian and syrian i want to kno wat my name means! leena abdalla mohammad ali ahmed batt (1)
name search Joseph Reilly (4)
thankyou abig (2)
Screen name info Des (1)
surname meaning mike (2)
My Name in Irish Noah Bryant (6)
Translate to Irish Clan Noah Bryant (4)
i want to know kayla (1)
Surname translate Higgins (7)
My last name in irish Jess Benson (4)
my surname Michaela Conley (2)
what and where is the name from cullen (2)
What clan am I from Collins (5)
ancestor search Rosemary stoelzel (2)
Kingston, Earls of Joan - Canada (12)
name gabriela celest rodriguez (1)
name lesley (3)
what my name is natyia (1)
name translation shawn (3)
Tracing family members. Stacy (1)
what my name means jaisha (11)
Burk(e) in Northern Ireland JRBINIL (2)
My name in Irish Farrah Kearney (10)
Question Mackenzie (2)
origin of name madole (4)
translation of my name Áine Stennett (4)
Surname Lock (3)
my name in irish mark cummins (3)
what is Lane surname or clan Dane allen Lane jr. (2)
formal name for darby (2)
Translation please! Jord (5)
Hannah Madden Nari (1)
Correct pronunciation of Mac Cana Ciarán (4)
translation of name Jord (5)
Translate Forde (3)
name translation jay (3)
Translate my name! Baylee Kennon (101)
name translated Conall McMeekin (3)
surname kathleen (5)
translate to irish spelling Ann Marie Murray (7)
what is dis name in irish william mccann (2)
Is Last Name Irish Richard Meack (6)
what dose my name mean bete (1)
question j (7)
hale research michael (1)
is my name? samantha (3)
Doupe Anita (2)
What is my Gaelic name? Amanda Leigh Mitchell (64)
name duub (5)
what is my name in irish Chance (1)
Barton in Irish?? Eimear Barton (4)
What is my name in Irish Ciarán McNally (8)
Irish Name Cara (5)
Irish Name Cara (2)
Meaning and origin of Lillis Lillis (4)
Gaelic name translation Jack (7)
Translate Therese McLaughlin (4)
translate Therese McLaughlin (2)
My Dad's surname Saraid (3)
Name of "Cooper" Cooper (3)
surname in Gaelic Douglas (3)
surname translation buddy (10)
Surname in Gaelic Seán (4)
wriiten name keith (4)
Translation Ryan (4)
Names John (6)
Kilt/Tartan for Doran? Eamon Doran (5)
surname needs translating to isish please carroll-noonan (8)
Looking for name translation for a magazine Sharon (1)
Clan Dave (4)
clan/origin of Fuller mary (3)
question Furlong (2)
Name translation? Farrah (2)
Meaning of a name Jackie (1)
names case (3)
Gaelic Translation Mark Murray - Kavanagh (19)
Lawler/Pike/Sweeney Patricia (1)
translat margaret little (3)
gaelic translation john (2)
Coul you translate my nickname into old Irish?,please my nickname is She (4)
searching for Gilligan Kathleen (2)
Irish Surname Patricia (2)
help! lisa (4)
name Rachel (4)
Link Request Mick (1)
Is it an Irish surname? Maz (12)
Samantha Andrew (4)
Blacklion O'Dolans billett (1)
Trying to track an ancestor LadyC (2)
in seanchlo font sheri (3)
Gaelic translation Ruth (3)
Surname As Gailge Rea (17)
Name Carmel Mc Cambridge (3)
What's me name in Irish? JMc (3)
Surname Sinéad (4)
surname origin Brittany (1)
duggan family noela (1)
michael madden limerick ireland moela (1)
What is my Name in Irish Tammy (18)
Gaelic translation, please Gwendolyn (2)
question Jordan (1)
origin of Irish surname "Cundiff" mark (1)
Irish names Peter McKeown (3)
What county in Ireland did my ancestors come from? McLenigan (4)
what is my name in irsh and african Donta (1)
name alanna holland (3)
names meanings Marianne McClelland (3)
Name origin O' malley (3)
Significance of strike marks in last name Bob (3)
Irish Translation Dave (5)
Mcrory Shawnee (2)
translate into Gaeilge Feely (11)
name alice cullen (2)
What dose my name mean??? Saraha Liz Tabit (2)
What does my name mean in Irish? Brianka (3)
Name Origin Claire Sligo (1)
origin of surname Sherry Ganley (4)
Irish/Gaelic Translation Colleen McKenna (9)
my name translation Shaylee (4)
translate to irish paul mc namee (5)
scottish gaelic steven (3)
translations roisin (4)
translation Caroline Conlan (2)
Irish or English? surname Chea (5)
name origin kellison (2)
CALLANAN Kathleen Callanan (1)
name dave (2)
In Irish Please AJ (3)
Ryan family Linda Ryan (1)
what does my name means Johnny (4)
Clan affiliation Sean (1)
My name in irish Please Gavin Comerford (20)
Translate my name. Alan (76)
Pronounce Name Barky (5)
Irish, Scot, or English Name? Ron (2)
Family Karen Lynn Sheridan (1)
Ancestors of James McCabe John McCabe (1)
irish translation alannah (3)
what clan near (5)
spell my name in scottish gaelic Collette (57)
Dolan Ancestors Marilyn Lear (1)
Looking for McCann family Julie (2)
Relatives Richard O'Gara (3)
sykes and bent as gailge Adrienne (1)
origain dowling (2)
question niki (2)
curious Randi (2)
My name in Irish Pamela (6)
Name translation to Irish Áine McNally (40)
what dose my name mean erika (1)
translate to gaelic kevin tiernan (21)
McCue Vera (2)
Origin of surname Mcqaid Nedy (2)
Surname Nedy (1)
origin of the surname niall floody (3)
name Krista (1)
evan evan (2)
Irsih or Scottish Jon Jon (2)
what does it mean latrell (1)
Irish coat of arms? Jay (1)
eh........ aoife (1)
gr, gr, gr grandfather John Anderson (1)
origins of the name Butler (1)
Ntshiza Xolile (14)
what my name means Diney (3)
what does my name mean? katie (3)
clan my name belongs too shaggy106 (2)
surname MG (4)
meaning of my name viren (2)
what does my name mean cashala_effin_baby (4)
family clan lshedd62 (3)
Delia Kiely CathiSmith (1)
what it means kimetra (1)
What is this poet's surname in english gabrielle (3)
What does my name mean? SamanthaJane (3)
waht dose my name mean jasmeen (6)
Name Snickers (1)
irish translation dercan (3)
What does my name mean Kemai (27)
IrishSurname place of origin please Jay (3)
What in a name Aisa (1)
relatives Bryan McCrone (2)
name in irish Cathryn O'Hara (7)
hy alan whitney (2)
math abdoulaye (1)
Name in Irish James Godwin (5)
Translation to Irish Miller (8)
what does my name means Kwane (5)
surnames O'connell (5)
genealogy John Daniel O'leary (4)
translating morgan (2)
irish name hannah wilson (3)
Kelly Family Tree threetree (4)
What clan am i?? threetree (20)
What does my name mean bbbrush (2)
Surname Jen (1)
Mac is Irish Mc is Scottish? cat (5)
what does my name mean kris (108)
Translation Jason Ray (2)
where are the majority of Shirkeys Carroll Shirkey (2)
Please translate my name Amanda (4)
what dose my name mean Jessica (27)
irish meaning sheree coldrick (3)
Cohan Red (2)
Surname - any other Deenys out there? Siobhan (1)
More detail Kaseman (1)
Please Help me Find an Irish Name Meaghan (2)
Whalin In Ireland Whalin (3)
what is another name for my name in irish jermaine (2)
Madden Family Tree Paul (3)
what does my name mean? rooster (100)
Irish roots Steven Pogue (3)
Irish roots? Steven Pogue (6)
change name to irish hugh (4)
is there any way? Vicki (1)
Duffman Lynda (1)
surname lil (4)
Surname Calnon or Callanan or Cullinan (1)
translation Siobhan (5)
what does it mean my surname williams melisa (1)
what dose my name mean ??? shannon (51)
Irish surname ladysyn (3)
Magoolaghan duvessa (6)
Family History nicholas (1)
Suit of Armor Mary Gillespie (1)
looking for irish translation of mathews mathews (2)
Family History Stephanie W (1)
question on clan mememememe (1)
my name ashley (1)
Patrick Fitzpatrick 1700-1900s Clare / Galway, Ireland (2)
What is my full name in irish ? Sinead Crowe (53)
Name translation John (3)
My name in irish Dean (7)
keelan james (1)
my roots stephenrocks (3)
translation of full name from English Deborah (6)
translation Cara (2)
clan symbols obrien (4)
family edge (2)
origin of sirname Terence (3)
name search bayharper (5)
Is Maighda an Irish surname Michael (2)
origins of mclaughlin ped (4)
killoran jkf111 (2)
translate susan mooney (4)
M(a)cClement(s) Newtownards NI Mr. Freeze (2)
help linda (2)
Hare family search frank (2)
lavin ancestors karen (4)
Reletives Patty Gillen (2)
Behan of Edenderry, Kings County Matthew Baines (3)
English Betsy (3)
looking for Powell in Longford, Ireland Laurence Powell (3)
what is my name in gaelic steven kennicott (94)
Mac Cana or McCann?? Ciarán (5)
Consulta Jhonny Asseff O'kelly (2)
Magwood Clan Mark Magwood (3)
From Moneylahan Co. Sligo Clancy (4)
I'm searching for an ancestor Lyhann (2)
Info on the name McHogan McHogan (2)
Irish or not Aldrich (4)
what does my name mean in irish Mariah Flint (128)
Langton? Dee (3)
What does my name mean in Irish? Annette Rose McLeod (8)
Hannah Turner (Annie) Jules (1)
info Lewis Downey (2)
My name in irish Ross Wiley (4)
I need some help with my last name??? Artie (2)
ancestry lowry (2)
family history Bishop (3)
How to find what clan one belongs to Fiveangels (48)
Cannon? Sal (2)
Question about name Lindsay Shields (5)
names regie (2)
Crabbe/Miller family Tracey (3)
County Antrim McNeely (5)
Ryans of Thurles, Tipperary Laurie (3)
surname máire (3)
Doherty ancestry beatrice (3)
Kelleher Conor (5)
Looking for my Roots Bonnie (2)
translate Lee (1)
Name Ladd (2)
Translating my name Aimee-lee Morris (11)
Armstrong family Conni (3)
ancestry for arthur(s), macintyre family, campbell clan jw (2)
Cloney karl (1)
Ryan/Connors/Hickey Fran (2)
kathrine kitt kitt (1)
My Heritage Tanya (2)
Bob and Declan DeNix (1)
O'Shea search in County Cork chupka (1)
Dublin before 1850 Sharkey (1)
names register (2)
Irish emigration to Chile Luis Bastias-Vaughan (2)
Relatives in Ireland Luis Bastias-Vaughan (5)
Ni'Cleallaigh Colin (4)
family history Alan (7)
family history Alan (2)
Translation Ms Yore (4)
place scouser (3)
name search hara (5)
Charles & Ester Boyles (to USA 1742) Boyles (6)
family origin Maureen R (3)
family location Maureen R (3)
Searching Wogan's Sharon (1)
where does the name harold james kelsey comes from lisa (3)
looking for this family name Gault (4)
Irish mariah scully (2)
gaeilge Paul (3)
Stormy Stormy (1)
Translation Jason (2)
Surname Coin John (2)
Names Nicole (1)
Help Liz (2)
Wondering about a surname... Barb Olsen (3)
Family Crest Arlene Gautier (1)
Family Names Callan & Lowrie Debra Callan (1)
Chambers Bill (1)
Help Please Corbley (1)
Curry and Dennison families simon (1)
Burns family Dublin Simon (1)
Ryan Thomas Fran (2)
towey nichi (1)
grover cavinder family brenda (1)
Name Search Kimi (3)
Surname meaning and Heritage Harland (3)
o fearghail or mac fhearghail seán (5)
Mullee Coat of Arms Jas (1)
irish last name guinaw rich guinan (5)
Currie,Curry,McMei(c)kan, Mc Tier Alistair (1)
Cummings- what county? Kate (1)
scollans/scallin nimmo (1)
translate susan (2)
Name search Cheri (5)
nomi cani irish wolfhound boscodelre (2)
how to spell it white (5)
Are.their.maguire' Maguire's (1)
Geneology Joseph Kelly b.May 1825 Ireland (2)
what is the families history and migration to U.S.? cris (2)
Rabren or McLendons Angela (3)
Clan Helen (3)
Looking for MOGGY (all spellings) Family in Antrim County Dale Moggy (1)
LISSI Sandy (1)
surname Brown lori (1)
McKerr angie (3)
name please maddiie (1)
Donegal search EvaD (2)
Surname: McKlemurry Mac (3)
Clan name Tara (2)
looking for ancestors of Margaret Wall from County Cork Mary (2)
meaning of name mc colgan (4)
Madden Surname   Goto Page: 12 Stephen Madden (264)
surname coyle doreen (64)
surname mathers doreen (1)
ancestors Connolly (1)
Family of Mary Galvin Patti Stark (2)
Looking for family origin Cat (2)
surname identification Dave (6)
translation urgent (4)
for a project stephanie (1)
name shirley (3)
Family coat of arms Monaghan (5)
last name ssr (1)
how to spell mcneilkim (2)
looking for family Sheridan (2)
Irish translation of my name   Goto Page: 123 Steven Johnston (406)
Is this an Irish surname? Jen (3)
is this irish ? cawley (2)
need origin melton (1)
Family origins Sandra (2)
Carroll family of Cork - 1840s jancar (2)
history mclaughlin (3)
Callahan History Shenie (4)
Father's Birth Village Barry (5)
looking for my clan buffington (1)
Clan Name Q's Mickey (1)
what are my familys coat of arms? and when did we come to ireland? Devonn Walker (2)
Jeffries family from Ulster Jack (1)
Is this name irish or scottish? Puckette (3)
tattoo paulie (2)
surname blaine (2)
Am I truly of Scottish Heritage? Cameron Taylor (14)
my name? jimbob (4)
Coat of Arms/Crest Mike (1)
monegan danielle (2)
mateer mateer (2)
family name texas di (1)
Caffey Surname (John Thomas) Frances Anne Caffey (3)
irlandeses en Falklands gabriela (2)
looking for the last name Haynie Dorothy (2)
born in Ireland 1862 - Where? Patrick Ford (3)
clan name MK (1)
Mac Grannell bun (1)
connections to Strain patty (2)
connections patty (1)
dont know what clan i am in niki (3)
Gaelic translation Shannon (16)
Dobbin Rose Dobbin (1)
Clan Cian Research Clayton (2)
family browne (1)
Irish names Donna (4)
Leonard's in ireland Donna leonard (1)
Looking for Donovan's still living in Cobh Fiona Donovan (1)
O'Dea Str8klownin78 (4)
Killion Origins red-elephant (1)
FERGMAN valeska (1)
Looking for relatives Rose Dobbin (2)
geneology bichonlover (1)
my grandmother Marla (1)
Claytons in Ireland mark f (13)
RYAN Fran (2)
hat is family crest? Bunny (1)
Dun Laoghaire Mick Sheridan (1)
confused rick kilmury (1)
Name in irish Noel king (3)
miners kilkenny Ryan Schuylkill Pa (3)
Sisk Surname In Antrim? Sisk (1)
Weird Name Sean Nicola (1)
my surname Mac Giolla (5)
trying to locate birth place Christine DeSantis (4)
Origin of surname (O') Herlihy? Jim G. (4)
immigration terry (1)
fermanagh Griffith (1)
origin of name Elg (1)
McCreevy Tom (1)
Clan Cian Lookin (3)
Funston family Eric Funston (27)
surename Marie (1)
shanahan family earl grey (5)
looking for origin of mum's surname Dragonlady (1)
Day Cookie (2)
surname Sherry Ganley (1)
tracing ancestors kate (4)
feeley harold (1)
The surname of Adgey or O'Brien Vicki (2)
scottish/irish surname anita riley (15)
Family Tradition Renae (2)
names hazel (2)
thanks janncej (1)
surnames Dan (6)
Creal/Creel Irish ? Vic (2)
irish/scottish becka (5)
wat of my last name where does it really come from wayne adams (16)
Name origin Hasset (3)
clan ormonde of ireland vanessa (2)
Family Stephanie (2)
Martel Claudia (1)
Mixed ancestry Gahrahstah (2)
family walton (1)
clan coyle (2)
Donoghue Katy (1)
Edward Bain MatthewB (1)
Trainer Surname RavenSky (51)
Eugene Sullivan and Mary Donovan Bill P (1)
Irish/Scottish Robyn Lesley (5)
surnames? lindajune (6)
Looking for info Aeshaia (2)
Can Anyone Help Me? Kasie (1)
Graham Val (3)
surnames alan (4)
Irish backgrounds Sheryl (6)
Is Ray a valid Irish name Ray (48)
McClure sandy (2)
beatty Colin J Ely (1)
Sheridan - is there any pagan history? Dianne (1)
trying to find birth name info Ron Burr (1)
Clans with the surname "Ireland" Shaughn (2)
information John grant (1)
Sparkman/Dornan Dean Sparkman (1)
mcoy doly (2)
Irish/Scottish Surname Eric Drake (14)
name Jake (2)
name info shakespere (2)
last name Meehan (3)
name origin Ben (1)
I. Roxy McAuliffe Patricia (1)
was moore ever important irish name moore (5)
Bresnihan Gene (2)
thomas nicholas plunkett alexis (1)
Origin Plunkett (1)
Surname Brenda (2)
Irish Names Kathleen Owens (6)
Is this name Irish? Ron (6)
names zach (2)
find cullearn (1)
Slattery surname Molly (18)
Irish genealogy McKamey (1)
is this name irish tylar pribble (6)
Stanton - McCarty ... family Bob Thomas (2)
is this irish? Farris (15)
are there any perry's left in ireland? glenn (1)
McAtee surname Larry (1)
Margeret Burns Seamus (1)
Chester Pa. Larry (1)
Fitzpatrick surname Larry (1)
middle names of irish children Larry (1)
Nicholas Thornton of Belfast Nell (1)
Helen O'Donnel (1)
N. Ireland Mungovan (1)
Northern Ireland Williamson (1)
Megilley - please help Caro (2)
Carroll Family Shana (1)
Kiley Susan (1)
origin name: Keith (1)
Looking for Thomas O'Leary Terry Walls (2)
Irish/Scottish Surname? Eric Drake (2)
Tribes of Galway- post please bríambh (3)
Does anyone have any history on the O'Dolan clan? Lacy (44)
Irish christain name peter lock (3)
family history savannah (3)
McGuigan Christopher (2)
Is Fantry an Irish name?? Fantry (4)
searching McCarry or Freil/friel Clonbarra Falcarragh,Donegal l910? aka Swagemaker in marriage (2)
o'neill family from banteer katie (1)
Looking for info Josh McElroy (2)
Surname and Crest/CofArms keith (2)
I'm trying to find out about my surname of O'Dare thecodfather1210 (3)
surname brannigan (2)
origin or area stevens (3)
surname MacNew amy (1)
Is Mears a Scottish surname? keith (1)
gleeson clan Tura (8)
surnames Neena (2)
clan Gillen/Gillan in County Sligo Sligoman2716 (1)
GREER Les Hulme (2)
Which Clan? Ireland (4)
Givnin/McGivney..Help!! Joanne (1)
Original spelling Sean (3)
Tackaberry skip (1)
KERR yorkshire123 (3)
Is Nichols an Irish name? nichols (9)
Scotch Irish Surnames??? RebDad (79)
Searching for Coggins info Lilybet (1)
Is Free an Irish name? Reghart (4)
birth pete (1)
Butler - Irish or Scots-Irish? Randy Miller (15)
Surname Angie (1)
McGuire's? Jac (6)
search for father's first girlfriend trix (1)
my history john o'callaghan (4)
surname wendy (2)
McLoughlin & Lynch families of County Limerick Mary (5)
Nash Family of County Limerick Lee (18)
Dobbs Shel (1)
can you tell me about the irish surname of grogan? tina (1)
Heraldry in Ireland Luisiuil (1)
Carroll family history Cookie (3)
Is Orr a Scottish name? hectorgirl (5)
Curtin Family Gathering Dan Curtin (2)
Red family history George (1)
surname Bateman Irish? Dianne Carlton (6)
Root of McCarron Dadd (2)
Fanning in Limerick, Ireland Micki (2)
question on origin lisa (2)
the surname boran in turkey ece (1)
Is Knee an Irish name? knee (4)
Foley/Byrne Family Theresa (1)
Cummins/Coen Family Theresa (3)
Arthur, Coughlin, Donnelly, Douthitt, Laybourne, Nagel,Sexton, Starr, Thompson, White Melody Byard (9)
Laurence leary Catherine O'Leary (1)
Surname Hunter (7)
McKnight Ash (4)
surname lyn (3)
family conway (2)
my name michele (1)
correct spelling (Irish) Gilbo (surname) (7)
My name in Irish   Goto Page: 12 McGuone (353)
Clan Cearnacháin Bess Carnahan (1)
Manues Autumn (34)
place name chrissy (2)
macgraff,macgraw,mahoney raven (3)
looking for information about Rory O'Connor Betty (2)
O'Connor Amy (2)
coat of arms mcanally (2)
Surname Murray Alan Murray (1)
tracing roots Valerie (3)
Anglicised name Aine (4)
Name..??? Kit (2)
Boren/Boran.O'Boran O.Boran (2)
Irish Chester's Tony Chester (3)
does anyone know what clan the family "Orr" is related to? orr (8)
Surname search and crest of the swift family David (24)
moran marie-louise (1)
Irish Surname gary (8)
mcfeely bill bowman "" (4)
Roche/Roach surname Angie (72)
Cavenah's of GA LaRose (1)
O' Farrells Mark (3)
Ulster Scots Dick Boyd (6)
Clan listing L Speed (5)
O'Brien, Coffey, Casey, Driscoll, McCarthy Kathy (29)
Roberts clan? Roberts (86)
clarke name identified jacqueline clarke smith (3)
Thomas Holmes, Ireland 1776 Donna Holmes Palkowsky (4)
Surname Nicholaus Bailey (2)
MC Donnell Michael Mc Donnell (1)
Bowman Ancestry Sarah Parrish (5)
mccarthy family elaine (2)
about the devlins Caroline Devlin (3)
downey family colleen weber (1)
Family History Foley family from cappawhite lyn foley (4)
Research Family Surname DWYER, Maurice (2)
Gillen, Patrick Ireland to Vermont Tammy Wells Grube (3)
Heagney / Timothy Lorraine (2)
Clans, Clan Associations, Clan Societies Jon Carroll (1)
all O'Leary's in USA Paddie O'Leary Cunningham (8)
Fitzpatrick castle judy vogelzang (2)
Clark chris Holmes (4)
Family history Latta (5)
Devlin's of Tyrone Kevin Devlin (2)
McCarthy, O'Brien, Sheridan Kathleen (9)
family history rob cosgrove (1)
gienty surname stacy broussard (2)
Quinn of Donegal Patty Quinn (14)
mc culley / culley jenny reid (2)
Cullinan's Of Ennis County Clare Frederick Perry (5)
Mckeeman history mckeeman (1)
tartan Johnston (2)
McEvoy people Ron McEvoy Root (9)
The Duffs of Limerick Chris Duff (5)
Mc Donnell Family Tree Mc Donnell (7)
Clan McCabe Society   Goto Page: 12 Annie Gray-Clark (266)
O'Brien Information Paul O'Brien (38)
Does anyone know what the Duggan Tartan is? Martha Duggan (6)
McGaughey Origins Deneise Kress (27)

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