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mccabe lonewolf (1)
McCabe lonewolf (1)
Gaelic Translation Jennifer (2)
Translation of name Jane (2)
Irish ChloChloeRoot9262002 (1)
English to Irish Gaelic surname translation mike (3)
family history James Mccabe (1)
family history James Mccabe (2)
irish spelling father (3)
Patterson from Donegal Twila (1)
surname Terry Anissa (1)
Surname Stevens is Gaelic Sharon Stevens Murray (2)
name in irish/gaelic Gemma (3)
what is my last name in irish (gaeilge)? timbocarlow (2)
meaning? Sakowski (1)
Name translation martin (1)
Our great grandfather Doris Manues (1)
spelling in Gaelic of Mitchell male form Brian Robertson (1)
translate McMullen to gaelic kate (3)
Translation to Irish McLaughlin (2)
Surname origin Nancy (1)
what is irish version of the name andrew andrew (1)
My Irish Surname Michael Wayne (3)
Translation Kelly (4)
im looking for My name in Irish and also my clan Christopher hill (3)
name in Irish Saylor/Sailor (1)
What is my full name in irish ? Mark (2)
Surname knee Linda (1)
name translation judith (2)
Is "McLain" still there Stephen mccabe (1)

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