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Is Lenyn a gaelic name related to Linnane? Deline (1)
Origin of name Mark (1)
My name in Irish Michele Dupre (1)
Translation of name Anita (2)
Coyle family name Barbara (3)
What Scottish Clan do I belong to Trish (3)
Trainor belongs to which clan Rob (2)
surname daniel (1)
Spell some names in Gaelic Jared (1)
Earl of Kingston Trevelyan-St George Official Website Enfis Davies (1)
Moore Surname LM (1)
Maddens of Kilbeggan Polkadotswa (1)
Bustos Julia (1)
my name in irish selina (2)
Are we Scotch? Kevintravels (1)
McCabe family of watchmakers Mirtaria (1)
Name translation Drifter (2)
Gaelic Chloe (1)
Crean Dan (1)
Counies of origin Threinfir (2)
Irish Tranlation Louise (2)
irish translation betty smith (1)
Madden surname Jay madden (1)
Looking for name from wexford Tallman or talman (1)
My characters name in the gaelige spelling Author (1)
what irish clan do the Dorrough family come from haley dorrough (2)
am i irish, if so where from and what clan? shane patterson (4)
is there a clan dooley donna (2)
irish surname spelling ANNE (2)

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