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am i irish, if so where from and what clan? shane patterson (1)
is there a clan dooley donna (1)
irish surname spelling ANNE (1)
Scottish Gaelic translation Linda (1)
Irish surname Cathleen (1)
translate to irish robyn bradley (2)
Clans Tom McPeek (2)
Clan names TREVOR (1)
Felix McCabe Patrick (1)
Hugh and Felix McCabe Patrick (1)
scots gaelic weeblone (1)
grandfathers history Fae Madden (1)
What it means in Irish Olivia (1)
May in Irish? May (1)
What is my name in Gaelic? Collins (5)
I would love to have my name translated to Gaelic Dennis McGowen (5)
please translate to irish Cole Quigley (2)
Irish translation Fielding (2)
Meaning of the name Peter (1)
owen mccabe lonewolf (1)
am i cool or awsome bunny (1)
am i canadean cat (1)
visiting from NY on 4-30 need help Erin Hughes (1)
Leonard George Madden Tracey (1)
Patrick Madden birth place Larry Madden (1)
coyle, county Armagh becky coyle weber (1)
Name translation Mrsc1 (2)
Irish lauren (2)
translation keith (1)
Madden Surname John Barry (1)

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