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McLoughlin surname Saerbhreathach (1)
Irish Names :: Irish Surnames Forum Eliza (1)
Éilé Donna (1)
Seeking ancestors, what else? James Coyle (1)
Brandy - Madden Family Jan Perry (1)
Name in old scottish Alfred Curtis ball III (1)
Irish wild geese Brenda roach (1)
Irish ancestors Chris Hughes (1)
Ancestors B & L Madden (1)
Madden Madden (1)
William and Charlotte Madden Gaynor ( Madden) Bishop (1)
Jim Ray LaDonna Cook (1)
McCann emigrants to Virginia John Sanders (1)
Coyle Family Letterkenny Patrick (1)
Alice (McCabe) Collins Jennifer Nolan (1)
John coyle Coyle (1)
Translate my name to Gaelige? KJ (2)
whats my gaelic name Anita Hannifin (1)
Translate name to gaelic Scarlett (1)
Coyle from Northern Ireland to Australia Rachael (1)
Daniel Madden 1885 Mandy (1)
trace grandmother Darby (1)
request to delete personal data tristram trevelyan-St george (1)
Is Lenyn a gaelic name related to Linnane? Deline (1)
Origin of name Mark (1)
My name in Irish Michele Dupre (1)
Translation of name Anita (2)
Coyle family name Barbara (3)
What Scottish Clan do I belong to Trish (3)

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